Does online tutoring work?

A recent study found that online tutoring worked quite well. Analyzed Cignition, used a good study design, and found solid results. Previous research examining computer-based tutors found similar results. But mentoring programs, online or in person, are not without challenges.

Amplify Education offers digital products and professional services that enable students, teachers and parents to approach K-12 education in new ways. The company combines technology with data-driven teaching methods to help teachers personalize the learning experience and keep students engaged. Depending on the employer, online tutors will use several online tools to communicate and share resources with their students. Most tutors use some form of computer-based training software, email, and spreadsheets, and are likely to use some type of database user interface and query software, such as Blackboard or Redrock.

Our tutors are professors, adjunct professors, doctoral students and industry professionals who are passionate about their areas of expertise and are eager to help students learn. We help students of all ages and stages, from kindergarten to college, continuing education and career. Our tutors provide motivating and encouraging support to help students complete their assignments, improve their grades and persist in their studies. Every day, thousands of students share positive feedback about their online tutoring experiences.

However, for tutors who are willing to pay attention, tutoring based on individual questions and tasks can work well as a flexible, low-commitment way to gain some experience. I asked Kraft how online tutoring companies claim such huge academic benefits in their marketing materials. In other words, online math tutoring not only helps your children answer math questions faster and more accurately, but they can also have fun doing it. Instead of traveling to a center to schedule an appointment, parents can enjoy the convenience of online math tutoring.

Tutors must have at least a bachelor's degree in the chosen field, and those with previous teaching or tutoring experience are preferred. Look for an online tutoring provider with a rigorous screening process, and you'll find that only the best tend to go through the various screening processes. Now that we hope we have addressed your questions and concerns, let's finish with a brief summary of the benefits of online tutoring. Since the math tutoring industry exploded in the last decade, hundreds of physical tutoring centers have sprung up across the country.

Becoming a company tutor is fairly straightforward, but requires some specific qualifications, including previous teaching or tutoring experience. In addition to working on core academic subjects, online tutors help students prepare for college entrance tests, learn English as a second language, or improve their professional or technical skills. At a minimum, online tutors must have a reliable personal computer or laptop, high-speed Internet, and a webcam. Half of the students were assigned to tutors who aimed to provide approximately one hour of tutoring each week.

And the results, while far from being a miracle solution, show some promise and suggest some lessons for other online mentoring efforts. I spoke with Isabella Pedron, a 20-year-old chemical engineering student and pre-med student at Texas A&M University, who was part of the pilot study and continues to serve as a volunteer online tutor for high school students in Chicago Heights. This allows them to track each lesson in great detail to ensure that protective procedures are followed, meaning you can have peace of mind when looking for a personal tutor online. Although online tutoring can mean a variety of different things, it basically provides one-on-one support for student learning via the Internet.

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Lucy Tittle

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