How to check the english language of gcse?

How to review English examsMake sure you know what the examiners are looking for. Make and review your class notes. Just as we included them in our summary of gcse English literature review resources, it makes sense to start here with previous articles. We've put together a small selection of tips, tricks, games, worksheets and all sorts of resources to help you learn for this year's gcse document in English.

At Teachit English there is a large selection of review activities including a SpAG mat, language devices speed dating and pimp my writing. So, if you can help them review in a way that doesn't look like a continuous conveyor belt of information that goes through one ear and out the other, you've made a good start. This includes YouTube video series by The English Teacher, Melanie Kendry and Mr Bruff, as well as PDF, PowerPoint and Word documents that cover everything Year 11 students need for their English exams. This TeachIT resource pack helps students summarize GCSE English language keywords and terminology, and allows them to play some proven games and activities, such as this printable language board game, to review important exam skills.

You want to prepare your students to do the best they can in their English GCSE, without building up pressure. This Geoff Barton page contains several resources for GCSE English that he has created from his own teaching over the years.

Dermot White
Dermot White

Dermot White is a professional GCSE English tutor with a passion for literature and language. He is committed to helping students excel in their English studies. Dermot holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Sheffield.